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Al-Bukhiti accuses Islah party militia of killing Nabil al-Qaiti in Aden

SANAA, June 2 (YPA) – A senior leader in Ansarullah’s Political Bureau, Mohammed al-Bukhiti has commented on the assassination of AFP photojournalist Nabil al-Qaiti in the occupied city of Aden.

“No matter how much the Islah Party uses make-up to beautify its image, it will not give up its inherent habit of assassinating its opponents and even its members who rejected the aggression,” Al-Bukhiti said in a tweet on Tuesday.

Al-Bukhiti added that  the assassination of journalist Nabil al-Qaiti bears the fingerprints of the Al-Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhoods.

At the end of his tweet, he noted that this crime will lead to the defeat of the Islah party in the south because it is contrary to customs of Yemenis.

Earlier on Tuesday, unknown militants killed photojournalist Nabil al-Qaiti, the correspondent of Agence France-Presse (AFP) near his home in Dar Saad district.