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Islah militias turn more schools into training camps in Taiz

TAIZ, April 14 (YPA) – Taiz city has turned from the city of science, culture and enlightenment to the militias camps and a large prison for anyone who is an enemy of the Islah Party.

This is how Taiz schools have been converted into prisons and training camps, and so they want them to be and stay.

Al-Islah party’s tendencies in Taiz province have recently taken advantage of the suspension of the educational process as part of the precautionary measures to confront coronavirus Covid-19, to turn it into military barracks and training camps.

Educational sources in Taiz province told the Yemeni Press Agency that Shaddad al-Mekhlafi, director of the Office of the Ministry of Education of the “Hadi Government” in Taiz province, issued directives two days ago to the school  directors in al-Muzaffar directorate to quickly evacuate the schools in order to train Islah party militias inside these schools.

Educators in Taiz expressed serious concern about the proliferation of Islah militias in schools, stressing the need to avoid educational facilities form political and military conflicts.

In July 2019, a follow-up committee for forced disappearances in Taiz province revealed that the so-called Security Committee of the Islah Party in Taiz province had turned many of the province’s schools into secret prisons, torturing anyone who was affiliated with the party.