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Saudi Arabia arrests official in Hadi’s govt for trying to travel without permission

SANAA, April 6 (YPA) – Saudi authorities arrested a Yemeni official in Hadi’s government at Jeddah International Airport while trying to travel with his wife and children for Turkey, informed sources in Riyadh said on Monday.

The sources explained that the Saudi authorities arrested Abdul Karim Thoail, appointed by the “Hadi government”, as deputy of Sanaa province, at Jeddah airport while trying to travel without taking permission from the Amiri Court in Saudi Arabia.

The sources confirmed that the fate of Thoail, a member of the so-called “Presidency of the Supreme Council for the Resistance of Sanaa”, funded by the coalition, remains unknown since the liberation of the army and popular committees Nihm district in Sanaa, and large parts of Jawf and Marib.

Saudi authorities refuse to reveal his fate, or allow his family to check on him.

Saudi intelligence arrested the head of the Supreme Authority of the Islah Party, Mohammed al-Yadoumi, in early March, while trying to leave Riyadh airport for Turkey.