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STC reveals details of Saudi plan to bring down Aden

ADEN, April 2 (YPA) – A senior leader of the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council ( STC)  has revealed a plan to bring down Aden, by the Islah party militias ( Yemeni Branch of Muslim Brotherhood) in coordination with Saudi forces in the city.

There is a new tactic, through the implementation of plan (A) and plan (B) to separate all areas of Aden from each other, Jamal Ben Ataf, a member of the so-called General Assembly of  the STC, confirmed in a tweet on Thursday.

He said the plans aim to divide Aden into squares and separate them from each other, and to neutralize supply lines from what they call “Coast forces, Dhalea and Yafa”.

The plan to topple Aden would be carried out from within, amid the preoccupation of transitional leaders with superficial issues, he added

On Wednesday, the military commander, Abu Khaled, vowed to turn the table over the head of the STC militias.

The move came during his visit to Ras Abbas camp, in the heart of Aden city.

The video showed military commander Abu Khaled, speaking to the STC militias, protesting over cutting their monthly rewards.

He said:going out to the street means bloodshed on the city.

Military reinforcements of the Islah Party are increasing in the coastal city of Shaqra in Abyan province, the main stronghold of Islah militants, and its preparations for the incursion into Aden, through the Abyan coast.

This follows the failure of the Riyadh Agreement signed between Hadi’s government and the STC in November 2019.