YEMEN Press Agency

Full scenes show liberation of Jawf in Amkn Minhum operation

SANAA, March 19 (YPA) – The Military media unit of the Yemeni army and Popular Committees on Wednesday released new video footage and scenes showing Yemeni army fighters advancing control over sevr positions, camps and brigades belonging to the Saudi-led coalition during the large-scale military operation called Amkn Minhum in Jawf province.

The scenes showed the progress of Yemeni Army units, storming the sites of the mercenaries of aggression and chasing dozens of Saudi mercenaries as they flee.

Moreover, a large number of tanks and military vehicles were seized, while others were burned and destroyed in several locations where the coalition fighters were stationed in the province.

Furthermore, the army and the Popular Committees seized weapons stores full of medium and light weapons, as well as ammunition depots and missiles provided by the US-backed Saudi-led coalition to the mercenaries.

According to the military media, dozens of mercenaries recruited by the Saudi-led coalition were captured.

The scenes also showed the Yemeni army’s ethical treatment of prisoners of war and mercenaries who surrendered or were wounded.