YEMEN Press Agency

3 protesters killed, dozens wounded in Baghdad

SANAA, Feb. 26 (YPA) – Protesters from the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, confirmed to news agencies on Wednesday the killing of three young protesters near Tahrir Square, as a result of smoke bombs and bullets for hunting rifles.

The demonstrator, Haider Salem, explained that two protesters were killed near Tahrir Square, between the tunnel and al-Khulani, after  smoke grenades launched by riot police penetrated the head of one and chest of the second victim.

Salem added, as a third protester was killed, late at night, at the aforementioned site near Tahrir Square, after receiving a strike from a hunting rifle, which resulted in his death instantly.

Other protesters, who declined to be named, confirmed that dozens of protesters suffered from suffocation, and wounded as a result of riot police, tear gas grenades and bullets from hunting animals.