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Hadhramout tribes threaten to overthrow Islah party’s influence

HADHRAMAUT, Jan. 26 (YPA) – The influence of Islah party (Yemeni branch of Muslim brotherhood), which controls the “First Military Region” in the eastern Province of Hadhramaut in eastern Yemen, particularly the valley and desert directorates, where citizens have been vocal since 2016, has expanded, demanding the expulsion of the militants from all valley directorates.

With the increase of the violations against citizens and tribesmen of the valley directorates, most recently the attack by Islah militants on the Al-Hariz tribe last week, which left 4 dead and wounded members of the tribe, including a woman and a child, which led to a widening of discontent among the valley’s residents who have been demanding since 3 years the departure of the elements of Islah party.

After receiving military slaps in Aden, Abyan and Taiz, and more recently in Marib, the Islah party has become maintaining its influence in Hadhramaut, one of Yemen’s largest oil provinces, with the continued dispatch of military reinforcements to Shabwah from the “oil” and gas-occupied province of Marb, which the party has taken as a stronghold to build the Brotherhood’s financial empire in Yemen.

However, the raid of the funeral procession of the dead al-Hariz tribe in Wadi Ser in Hadhramaut governorate, with many armed crews of the reform, and the shooting of mourners, is a moral crime, denounced by the Hadhrami tribes, which mobilized all its men in the face of the al-Islah militants, especially after carrying out nearly 200 operations The assassination of military, security and social figures in Hadramaut Valley since 2017, in which the fingers point to the Reform Party.

Al-Islah leaders seem to believe that armed events in Shabwah and Abyan, together with the UAE’s Southern Transitional Council Militia, will turn a blind eye to abuses against citizens in Hadhramaut valley, ignoring what is happening to citizens by the coalition.

It is worth mentioning that the militants of the Islah party failed to fuel the conflicts between the tribes of Wadi and Desert Hadhramaut, as it did in Abyan, Shabwah and Mahrah, while it continues to cry to this day its members who were killed in the bombing of the UAE air force, during the events of the expulsion of the forces of Hadi government from the city of Aden and Abyan in last August.