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Hadi’s governor of Taiz escaped after being subjected to assassination attempts

TAIZ, Jan. 16 (YPA) – Local reports revealed on Wednesday that “Hadi’s governor in Taiz escaped from the city of Taiz, after sharp disagreements with the leader of the axis of Taiz loyal to the Islah Party.

According to local sources, Hadi’s governor in Taiz, Nabil Shamsan, a member of the GCP Congress Party, arrived in the city of Turnah, after being subjected to a number of assassination attempts in areas controlled by al-Islah militias inside the city of Taiz.

Moreover, the sources stressed that “Shamsan” was subjected to a direct threat from the leader of the Islah Party “Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar”, demanding that he quickly nominate names to lead the 35th Armored Brigade to succeed Hammadi and give him seven days to do so.

They explained that the governor of Hadi in Taiz, has received serious warnings that he might be subjected to a scenario similar to the assassination of the commander of the pro-UAE 35 Armored Brigade, Adnan al-Hammadi.