YEMEN Press Agency

Sira Directorate Administration in Aden suspends its works

ADEN, Jan. 16 (YPA) – The Sira Directorate Administration in the occupied southern port city of Aden suspended all its service work in a protest against the storming of it headquarters by  the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Southern (STC) Militias, Local sources said on Wednesday.

According to the local sources in The Sira directorate, the suspension came after members of the STC Militia stormed the directorate’s administration building in the Crater district in an attempt to release one of the wanted men in several cases.

The sources confirmed that the transitional elements tampered with the contents of the building of the Administration of the Directorate of Sira, in response to the detention of one of the wanted persons in the building.

The decision to suspend one day comes as part of the granting of the STC an opportunity to hold the intruders accountable, unless the suspension of work will continue for other days.

Aden has been plagued by security chaos, killings, assassinations and storming of institutions, since the UAE militias and Saudi forces taking control of the city since the second half of 2015.