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Yemeni army has strategic weapon with advanced technology: Military Expert

SANAA, Dec. 12 (YPA) – The Yemeni military expert Brigadier Aziz Rashid on Thursday revealed the ability of Yemeni air defenses to shoot down any aircraft in the sky of Yemen and neutralize them by up to 90% during the year 2020.

“There is a very significant development in countering Saudi-led coalition aircrafts, which the coalition depends on in the combat by 85%,” Brig. Rashid said.

Brig. Rashid affirmed that the military industrialization unit of the Yemeni armed forces has invented a modern air defense missile, which would be revealed in due course.

An Apache plane was shot down by a missile system equipped with vertical and horizontal radar that can follow-up and monitor in all cases, and send coordinates of the fuselage itself before entering the Yemeni airspace from a large distance, he explained.

The Yemeni army’s air defenses were able to completely neutralize MQ1 or MQ9 aircrafts and other Chinese-made drones belonging to the coalition by carrying out several operations on behind-border fonts, and had shot down the Apache aircraft, which represents the prestige of the U.S. Air Force.

Brig. Rashid indicated that Yemen, before 2015, did not have sophisticated air defenses, and all it had only were old conventional air defenses, including Sam 2, Sam 6 and Sam 7 missiles and others.