YEMEN Press Agency

“Rights Radar” accuses UAE of carrying out assassinations in Aden

SANAA, Dec. 11 (YPA) – Rights Radar foundation, a human rights organization based in Amsterdam, on Tuesday said the UAE has carried out a systematic assassinations campaign in Aden city, southern Yemen, in order to liquidate potential opponents after Riyadh Agreement.

According to a report issued by the organization, the city of Aden witnessed during the last two weeks 12 assassinations of security officials, mostly within the framework of liquidating witnesses and political assassinations carried out by the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) to serve future projects.

Rights Radar’s report accused the STC’s militia of carrying out field executions of detainees and wounded, and assassination of individuals, in addition to arrests of civilians, social activists and opinion leaders opposing the UAE presence in the southern provinces. They also targeted security and military officials loyal to Hadi’s government.

The report added that the UAE would intervene directly to protect the transitional council’s militias if necessary, as happened last August, when its warplanes killed nearly 300 recruits of Islah Party who were part of Hadi’s forces, which tried to recover the city of Aden from the militias.