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Riyadh agreement fails between “Hadi government and UAE-backed STC”

SANAA, Dec. 10 (YPA) – Media sources revealed that the Riyadh Agreement signed between the Hadi government and the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) in the southern provinces has failed

Hadi’s government and the UAE’s southern transitional government have failed to form a new government within the deadline set by the Riyadh accord signed in November, AFP reported.

It said that deep differences and military tensions between Hadi’s forces and the AUE’s Southern Transitional Militias in a number of southern provinces.

In early August, the city of Aden witnessed violent clashes between Saudi-backed forces, and the southern transitional militias that managed to take control of Aden on August 10th, and the expulsion of the Emirati elite militia from the city of Ataq, the capital of Shabwah province.

Saudi Arabia sponsored the Riyadh Accord on November 5, giving itself the right to control all southern provinces, with all Hadi’s military forces and the southern transitional militia being driven out of Aden.

This comes after Hadi’s Prime Minister Moin Abdul Malik returned to Aden on Monday from Riyadh with a number of military leaders in Hadi’s forces, amid the expiry of the December 5 deadline to form a government between Hadi and the transitional in accordance with the Riyadh agreement.

Meanwhile, the UAE’s Southern Transitional Council on Monday accused the government of “Hadi” of trying to impose a fait accompli and shuffle the papers by expanding assassinations in the southern Yemeni city of Aden.

The council stressed that no military personnel would be allowed into Aden before the appointment of a new security “governor or director” in Aden, according to the Riyadh agreement, which failed before it was implemented.

Observers confirmed that the security chaos in the city of Aden puts all the southern provinces  for unknown future especially with the military tensions between the southern transitional militia, and the forces “Hadi”, which threatens the latter to storm the city of Aden through its forces located in Abyan and Shabwah provinces.