YEMEN Press Agency

9 Syrian killed in Takfiris’ rocket shelling in Aleppo

SANAA, Dec. 3 (YPA) – More than 9 civilians killed and 16 others injured due to rocket shelling of Turkish-backed Takfiri groups in Tal Rifat city of Aleppo countryside in northern Syria, according to Syrian News Agency “SANA”.

The mercenaries of the Turkish occupation assault rockets on the town of Tal Rifat in the northern countryside of Aleppo city, which led to killed nine, including 8 children and wounded 16 others.”

The agency pointed out that the shelling coincided with the exit of students from their schools, which led to casualties among them, pointing out that the number of martyrs is likely to increase because of the presence of critical cases.

Two civilians were also injured on Monday night by a shell fired by the Takfiris at Mawt roundabout in Aleppo city, while five shells landed on Hamdania without causing any injuries.

The Takfiri organizations deployed in Afrin and Azaz areas in the northern countryside of Aleppo frequently target the city of Tal Rifaat with shells and missiles, which leads to casualties and injuries among the people.