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Al-Houthi comments on seizure of two cells belonging to Saudi-led aggression

SANAA, Dec. 2 (YPA) – Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, member of the Supreme Political Council has commented on the seizure of two cells belonging to Saudi-led coalition charged with media campaigns, rumors directed and acts of sabotage to tame the street” against the authority of the Political Council and the National Salvation government.

He said in a tweet early Monday: “In these days the aggression conspired and used the last paper he was preparing, and wanted to provoke chaos and looting, and confuse the people who are fighting the aggression from inside, and he failed.”

“The people knew that their enemy, who bombards them daily, surrounds them and cuts off their salaries, is behind the plot, so he recoiled and the conspirators fell,” he added.

He Continued: “Don’t worry, which comes with,” he said, referring to the popular Yemeni proverb “Who doesn’t come with the (bride) he will not come with her mother.”

This means that the girl’s neglect of the honor of her virginity is not compensated by her mother, and a applied to those who lose something that they cannot compensate.

“After careful and continuous monitoring, the competent security agencies were able to uncover a dangerous scheme for intelligence agencies belonging the countries of aggression have failed to make any significant military progress,” the interior ministry said in a statement.

“Saudi intelligence resorted to attempting to penetrate the internal front in an attempt to target community peace and strike security stability,” the statement read.

The Ministry added that the Saudi intelligence assigned the preparation of the sabotage operation to two cells and provided them with money and logistic support, taking advantage of the deteriorating economic situation, which is one of the tools of aggressive war and unjust siege.

It confirmed that two major cells were seized working under the direct supervision of the Saudi intelligence.

The statement promised more details to be revealed, later. The Ministry of Interior pointed out that the security services track the movements of the cells working for the aggressive countries with great accuracy and high vigilance. They will spare no effort to repel any attempt to destabilize security and disturb public tranquility.