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Mohammed al-Houthi mocks Hadi’s govt claims over “liberating Yemen, preserving its sovereignty and independence”

SANAA, Nov. 28 (YPA) – Mohammed Ali  al-Houthi, Member of the Supreme Political Council mocked the coalition and Hadi’s government’s talks and claims about liberating Yemen and preserving its sovereignty and independence.

He cited one example that proves the nullity of this talk, which he has reduced in the reality of the coalition’s control of Yemeni airports.

“Why can’t the mercenaries provide the Yemeni plane a bedroom at a Yemeni airport? As it needs to leave to a hotel room at the airports of aggression countries, Mohammed al-Houthi wrote on Twitter on Wednesday night.

” Is it for partnership with alienation, or is it a message of recognition for the US-British-Saudi-Emirati occupation and its allies?,  he asked.

He continued asking: Why not cancel the celebration of the anniversary of the evacuation of past’s colonial ally?.

He added in the same sarcastic tone: “Funny and shameful…. Mercenaries and their trumpets overlook their inability to guard an aircraft and provide protection for it in what they claim 85% of territories.

“And they believe that they are able to guard the homeland they were the tool for its demolition, and that the people accept their rumors against the homeland and heroes,” he added.

” Who could not secure a plane at an airport he claims to have liberated it with all his militias. He cannot secure a people and a republic,” he said.

As the 56th anniversary of the Yemeni struggle for the independence of Aden and southern Yemen from British occupation and Hadi’s government ready to celebrate it. The political council member asked: “Why don’t they cancel the celebration of the anniversary of the evacuation (Independence Day) of yesterday’s colonizer,” he said.

The Saudi-led coalition and the UAE are imposing a ban on Yemeni airspace and controlling the issuance and cancellation of landing, take-off and even aircraft at Yemeni airports, including Aden, Seiyun , Ataq, Al-Ghaydha and Socotra, which Hadi’s government called liberated areas.