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200 patients face death risk in Sanaa within 48 hours

SANAA, April 23 (YPA) – The Republican Hospital in Sana’a launched on Monday an urgent appeal to local and international health and humanitarian organizations to save lives of more than 200 renal failure patients benefiting from the hospital’s dialysis center.

The dialysis center is facing great difficulties as a result of the scarcity of basic materials needed to perform dialysis sessions for the patients, who came from all provinces of the country to benefit of the center’s services, said Dr. Adel Al-Hajami, chief of the dialysis center at the hospital.

Patients with renal failure increase significantly after the closure of a number of the dialysis centers in the provinces, Dr. al-Hajami added.

He warned that the work in the center would stop completely within 48 hours if the organizations do not intervene to provide it with medicines and medical solutions for dialysis sessions.

The center launched in the past months several appeals to the organizations to support the dialysis center, but their response was weak, he added.