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Gunmen attack Badr military camp coincided with Saudi pressures to remove it out of Aden

ADEN, Oct. 24 (YPA) – Unknown Gunmen on Thursday launched an attack one of Hadi’s camps, which fell into the hands of the Southern Transitional Council (STC) militias in the Southern Port City of Aden, local sources reported.

According to the sources, “unknown” gunmen attacked Badr military camp and clashed with its guards.

The camp was led by Abdullah al-Sabihi, who is currently with his staff in Abyan, before the camp fell into the hands of the Emirati-backed transitional militias .

The attack is not yet known, but it coincides with Saudi Arabia’s pressure on faction leaders to get all the camps out of the city.

Sources in the transitional confirmed that  security belt forces  started the  arrangements  to move to Abyan, where the 4th Brigade for support led by Hadar Al-Shuhati evacuated his forces form al- Breqa  district.

This is the third STC’s brigade to leave Aden since negotiations with Hadi began in Saudi Arabia.

All factions in Aden are expected to be evacuated ahead of the announcement of an agreement expected between the two sides in the local conflict, which will ensure Saudi forces manage the province and move its local followers out of the province.

Several flights of Saudi military transport planes carrying soldiers and military vehicles have arrived in the past few hours, an extension of other reinforcements that have continued in recent weeks in the city, which has seen the withdrawal of the UAE.