YEMEN Press Agency

Yemen army takes control of sites in Jizan

JIZAN, April 21 (YPA) – Yemen army on Thursday took control of military sites where the Saudi army and Sudanese troops were localize in Jizan border province, a military official told Yemen Press agency on Friday.

Yemen army destroyed numbers of coalition’s military vehicles by guided missiles during carrying out military operaion in the southern front of Jizan.

Dozens of southern Saudi-backed militias and Sudanese soldiers during the military operation.

The army forces carried out an unique offensive on Thursday against the gatherings and sites  of Sudanese forces and coalition-backed militias on Old Kamp area and  eastern village of Jizan, resulting  full control of all those sites.

The militias inflicted heavy losses in lives and equipments by guided missiles in sites of old Kamp area.

The northern Yemeni border witnesses  heavy confrontations with the Saudi army forces, which are backed by Sudanese troops and coalition-backed southern militias.

Sameera Hassn