YEMEN Press Agency

Huge disagreements among pro-coalition commanders

TAIZ, April.13 (YPA) – Commanders loyal to Saudi-led coalition forces in Taiz province hit by severe rifts, local sources told Yemen Press Agency.

The source confirmed that there is a huge disagreement between commanders pro-coalition Forces, including the commander of the 35th Armored Brigade, Adnan Al Hammadi, and Adel al-‘Aezi, the Deputy of al-Abbas group, that has reached to threatening of killing each others.

According to the sources, Al-‘Aezi refused the order to deploy troops belonging to the 35th brigade from Salw, al-Ahkom fronts to Qabita and Karash districts, as well as to the West Coast.

The order of transferring the 35 Armored Brigade comes in the context of UAE occupation forces’ efforts to hand Taiz  over to General Tariq Saleh as a part of its plan to set up UAE- backed security belt forces in the province.