YEMEN Press Agency

400 recruits from Dhalea leave to Abu Dhabi for training

SANAA, July 13 (YPA) – Local sources said on Saturday that about 400 recruits of the so-called of Southern Transitional Council backed by UAE in Yemen’s southern province of Dhalea left to the UAE’s Abu Dhabi city.

The sources added the move by the UAE is as part of mobilization, recruitment and training under so-called of the anti-terrorism forces.

The sources said that recruits would trained to carry out on assassination operations and security disorder.
The UAE has also transferred hundreds of recruits from several southern provinces of Shabwah, Hadramout and Socotra to training camps for getting agendas in Yemen.

Assassinations and security disorder have been ramping in Aden since United Arab Emirates occupation forces took over the city.

Ali Ahsan