YEMEN Press Agency

 UAE-backed forces arrest pro-Hadi military commanders in Dhalea

DHALEA, April 9 (YPA) – The security belt forces backed by United Arab of Emirates occupation forces arrested on Sunday a number of security, military commanders in the province of Dhala, private sources told Yemen Press Agency.

This comes in the context of the UAE’s measures to control the province of Dhalea and other occupied provinces away from Saudi Arabia.

The arrested leaders are anti-transition southern council (TSC) and they are loyal to the exiled resigned Riyadh-based president Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi.

Sources in the province said that deputy director of security of Dhalea province Col. Balig al-Humaidi was among the detainees and he is suffering from injures.

He is the one who was holding the Republican Guard forces while they were heading to Aden city to join General Tariq Saleh forces who is backed by UAE occupation forces, according to reports.

The sources added that the security belt forces took full control over the province to pave the way in front of the soldiers and officers of the Republican Guard, who try to flee to Aden city to join the camps established by Gen. Tariq Saleh backed and financed by United Arab of Emirates (UAE) occupation forces.

In the same context, the UAE occupation forces intends to set up Security belt forces in Taiz province with the corporation of Taiz governor, who was appointed by the coalition forces, after imposing full control of all Yemeni southern provinces.