YEMEN Press Agency

Update: Saudi-led coalition wages 24 air strikes on several parts of Sanaa

SANNA, May 16 (YPA) – The US-backed Saudi-led coalition warplanes on Thursday launched a series of hysterical air strikes on several parts of Amanat al- Asimah and Sanaa province, a security official told Yemen Press Agency.

In Capital Sanaa, the aggression warplanes launched four air strikes on Atan district; three air strikes on an area behind the Movenpick Hotel and two others targeted area behind the Qatari embassy in Noqam district.

The official indicated that the aggression warplanes wage two air strikes on the Nahdeen area and an air strike on September 21 park in Al-Thwarh district.

In Sanaa province, the coalition aircraft launched 11 air strikes targeting Freijah, al-Sa’ma and Beit Drahah military camps in Arahb district and an air strike on the camp of Arqub in Khawlan district.

Over 58 people were killed and wounded, including children and women, following the coalition air strike targeting houses in the intersection of Rabat and Arqas streets in the capital Sanaa.