YEMEN Press Agency

3 Sudanese commanders, over 95 others  killed in Midi

MIDI, April 5, (YPA) – Three of Sudanese military commanders  and more than 95 soldiers were killed on Thursday during  Violent clashes with the Yemen army in Medi district, west Front of Yemen, a military official told Yemen Press Agency.

Dozens of Sudanese Janjaweed soldiers were killed during  repelling an advance toward  Midi front, inflicted them heavy causalities.

The official stressed on the killing of Sudanese commander of the battalion parachutes Colonel / Abdulbagi, Lieutenant / Ibrahim Othman and Lieutenant / Salem Obeid Ali al-Rashidi.

The official confirmed the killing of dozens of Sudanese soldiers and coalition militants and wounding dozens in their ranks, as well as  the army forces destroyed and burned 5 military vehicles and coalition forces’ minesweeper during the foiling  of a large advance on Midi.

Coalition aircraft tried to support his militias on the ground with more than 15 raids without achieving progress, the official added.

According to field sources, 95 Sudanese and other coalition forces, including senior commanders, were killed in an initial toll  during the failed infiltration in Midi.


Sameera Hassn