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Arab Federation: 61% of war victims in Yemen killed by coalition warplanes

SANAA, April.5 (YPA) – The Arab Federation for Human Rights (AFHR) said that 61% percent of civilian casualties in Yemen were killed as a result of air strikes carried out by Saudi-led coalition forces, according to UN Secretary-General Report.

The Arab Federation for Human Rights went through the serious violations and suffering of Yemeni people, confirming that Saudi-UAE forces committing war crimes against the people of Yemen.

That came during its participation in During her participation in a symposium in the Iraqi capital “Baghdad”, under the title “ Saudi-UAE war crimes in Yemen and backing international terrorism”.

The event of the Arab Federation focused on the Saudi-led coalition’s air strikes during the three years ago, that mostly affected innocent civilians.

At the end of the symposium, the audience called in letters addressed to the UN Office to take action against the Saudi-UAE agenda that systematically and deliberately killing of Yemeni civilians.