YEMEN Press Agency

Army kills two Saudi soldiers in Najran

NAJRAN, April 4 (YPA) – The Yemeni army killed two Saudi soldiers in Saudi military sites in Najran province on Wednesday, a military official told Yemen Press Agency.

The soldiers were targeted in sites of al-Nahuqah and Sudis, al-Sahbakah, and two military vehicles were destroyed in a bomb blast in al-Sudis site.

Also in Najran, the army attacked military site of Talah in al-Buqa area, killing and injuring dozens.

In Jizan province, the army fired artillery towards gatherings of Saudi soldiers in al-Ramdhah and Tawel, Raqabat Jahfan and al-Mustahdath sites.

The army hit Saudi military vehicle, killing its crew members, while the army fired a Katyusha rockets on gatherings of coalition militants in military sites of Raqabat tower Watching and Salalah village.

In Asir province, the army’s artillery hit groups of militants beyond Alib crossing point.