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Journalist reveals who stands behind assassinations in Taiz

TAIZ, April 3 (YPA) – A close associate of the well-known Salafist leader ‘Abu Alabbs’ has revealed the side that carries out and finances terrorist operations and assassinations in Taiz province, according to journalist Shawki Al-Fahidi.

Cells consisting of suicide bombers coordinate with a planning officer and a field monitoring unit, for which the task of collecting data on the targeted personal was assigned, Al-Fahidi said on his Facebook page on Monday.

A special media office documents the terrorist operations after implementation, Al-Fahidi added.

Those terrorist cells group follows the Salafist leader Adel Al-Thabhani, nicknamed ‘Abu al-Abbas’, who leads them under the name of “Daesh”.

According to Al-Fahidi, the group is funded by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to carry out terrorist assassinations in the field under the leadership of the terrorist “Abu al-Harith”.

He pointed out that this move aimed to accelerate the formation of the so-called security belt forces in Taiz and impose the UAE control over the province.

Taiz province has witnessed many terrorist operations and assassinations of military, security and religious figures by unknown persons, the latest of which was the assassination of Omar Dukam, the orator of Al-Essai Mosque.