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National Authority for Humanitarian Affairs condemns  targeting IDP camps


SANAA, Apr. 3 (YPA) – The National Authority for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management strongly condemned the terrible crime committed on Monday by Saudi-led coalition warplanes in the displaced persons camp of Hodeidah’s Yemen Red Sea port province which killed 14 citizens and injured 12 others, mostly children and women, in a statement obtained by Yemen Press Agency.

The statement denounced the continuation of suspicious international silence towards the genocide crimes committed by the aggression coalition in Yemen for three years.

The statement called on the international organizations, especially the United Nations and its affiliated organizations, to shoulder their responsibilities to protect the displaced according to international conventions and laws related to the protection of refugees and displaced persons and the principles of humanitarian action.

The statement also called on local and international organizations to carry out their humanitarian duties toward the country , its responsibilities in human rights protection and to punish the perpetrators of such crimes on the basis of international covenants and laws.


Sameera Hassn