YEMEN Press Agency

Turkish Army Penetrates Deeper in Iraqi territory

ANKARA, Apr. 2 (YPA) – The Turkish forces have penetrated into Iraqi territory at a depth of 17 km, and began to establish permanent roads and advanced bases there, a Turkish newspaper reported on Monday .

Turkish newspaper “Ahwal” confirmed that the Turkish army had penetrated into  Syrian Afrin city last month to fight  protection units of the Kurdish people supported by the United States, while local sources in Iraq claimed that Turkey continues to deploy its troops and send military equipment since then inside Iraq . according to Information Iraqi agency.

The Turkish government had expressed its intention to expand its military operations in Iraq and Syria under the pretext of fighting Kurdistan workers’ party (PKK).

On the other hand, a Kurdish official in Sidkan area, near the province of Arbil in Iraq, said that the Turkish armed forces have more than a thousand troops in northern Iraq, and they are taking steps to stay there permanently, while local sources said Turkish forces are building new roads and three outposts in the area.

Sameera Hassn