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Report: Army carries out military operations against coalition force over sunday


SANAA, Apr. 2 (YPA) – The Yemen army has waged military operations on Saudi army and its militias’  gatherings and sites, Killing and wounding dozens over Sunday, according to army media reports combined by Saba News Agency on Monday.

  • In Saudi border province of Jizan:

A ballistic missile, Qaher 2M, was fired toward New Saudi camp in the outskirts of Jizan.

Saudi soldiers’ gatherings were targeted by artillery shells in Mashriq center.

Dozens of southern coalition militias were killed in the frontlines by the fires of Yemen army.

  • In Najran border province:

The army attacked Saudi soldiers and militias’ sites in Aleb and Nahuqa.

Gatherings of militias were shelled by artillery in front of Aleb mountains and Khadhraa crossing.

A Saudi soldier was shot dead in Haleq censorship.

  • In Asir border province:

An unique  military operation was carried out on militias’ sites in front of Alb crossing, killing, wounding dozens and securing sites.

Gatherings of Saudi soldiers and militias were shelled by artillery in Majazh, Alb crossing and beyond Masyal.

50-gauge machine gun was destroyed by a guided missile in Qashabh site.

  • In Yemen province of Jawf:

Dozens of militias were killed and wounded in an offensive operation on their sites in Zurqa of Maslub district.

An offensive operation was waged on militias’ sites in Abid village of Mutun district, killing, wounding dozens and destroying a military vehicle.

A military vehicle loaded with militias was destroyed by an explosive device in Moazea district, killing and wounding all its crew.

Militias’ attack was foiled in Abar eastern Saber, killing and wounding dozens.

An attack was waged on militias’ site in west coast front, killing and wounding dozens of militias.

A military armored was targeted by a guided rocket in west coast front, killing and wounding many of militias.

In Baydaa province:

Many militias were killed and wounded in an attack carried out on their sites in Qifa district.

Two leaders were killed, one of the is an Emirates,  by Yemen army’s fires in Natea front.

  • In Lahj province:

Girad missile was fired toward gatherings and fortifications of militias beyond Khazan hill north of Kahbub.

Two of militias were killed and another was injured.

  • Sniper unit of Yemen army shot dead 10 Saudi-backed militias in Nehm, Karsh, and Salh fronts.


Sameera Hassn