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Sudanese in Yemen disowns Bashir, militias, declares stand with Yemen

SANAA, Apr. 1 (YPA) – The Sudanese community in Yemen condemned on Sunday the rape of a Yemeni girl by a Sudanese mercenary, in a statement obtained by Yemen Press Agency.

The community said in the statement, “With deep regret and severe grief, we learned that one of our Yemeni sisters was attacked by one of the mercenaries of the aggression, which unfortunately carries Sudanese nationality, as reported by the media.”

“We condemn, denounce and repudiate such an shameful act and declare that we are openly absolved of this mercenary and his corrupt leadership,” see the statement.

The statement reviewed that actions are not the Sudanese people morals or principles, but the leadership’s corruption has dishonored some principles and ethics in the few, and they do not represent all the Sudanese people, which is all respect and appreciation of the Yemeni people steadfast.

“We also condemn the intervention of Sudanese mercenaries who are attacking of the sovereignty and the greatness of the Yemeni people, with whom we have respect ,” the statement added.

The Sudanese community affirmed in their statement the greatness and dignity of the Yemeni people, which they had touched during their stay in Yemen, saying: “We have spent time and time with each other, welcomed here and there, and you show us all respect and appreciation, and we have found nothing but generosity and magnanimity and authenticity and we are with you in your battle against aggression on Yemen “.

Sameera Hassn