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Yemen announces millions rials  reward but on one condition


SANAA, Apr.1 (YPA) – A number of businessmen in Sanaa announced for a financial reward exceeding millions Yemeni rials for avenging the honor incident that violated the dignity of the sons of Hodeidah province and all Yemenis, according to local Yemeni reports.

The announcement of a number of Yemeni businessmen in Sana’a for a high financial reward for anyone who would arrest or kill the Sudanese soldier who raped the Tahami woman.

The businessmen stipulated that those who submit to do so should document the scene and publish it by any medias.

The announcement came after a Sudanese soldier on the outskirts of Khokha city  “West Coast” raping a Tahami woman last Thursday brutally, while she was collecting wood near Abu Musa al-Ash’ari camp, while the UEA occupying forces threatened the family of women and force the victim to concede strongly by weapon on Friday evening, which sparked a huge wave of Yemeni anger and represented the rape of a homeland in full.


Sameera Hassn