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U.S.-Saudi Aggression

Yemeni army seizes several sites in Najran

NAJRAN, Aug. 20 (YPA) - The Yemeni army on Monday seized several positions, in which Saudi army troops and militants are stationed in Najran region, a military official told Yemen Press Agency. The official said that the army forces bombed…

Army Attacks Coalition’s Militia In Western Coast

WESTERN COAST, Aug. 20 (YPA) - The Yemeni army and popular committees waged on Monday an offensive against coalition-backed militiamen in the western coast front, a military source told Yemen Press Agency. The army inflicted the militias…

Coalition launches ground attacks in Saada

SAADA, Aug. 20 (YPA) - The US-backed Saudi-led coalition on Monday launched missile and artillery shelling in Saada province, an official told Yemen press agency.  The shelling targeted residential village in Shada border district, said the…

Army shoots dead Saudi soldier in Jizan

JIZAN, Aug. 20 (YPA) - Sniper unit of Yemen army on Monday shot dead a Saudi soldier in Jizan border province, a military official told Yemen Press Agency. The soldier was sniped in Qais mount, added the official. Sameera Hassn

Coalition losses in western coast (video)

WESTERN COAST, Aug. 20 (YPA) - The military media on late Sunday distributed scenes showing the Saudi-led coalition losses coast during their intensive infiltrations towards Durihimi district, in Yemen's western coast. E.M

Security arrests coalition collaborator in Dhamar

DHAMAR, Aug. 19 (YPA) – The Yemeni security forces arrested on Sunday a collaborator of Saudi-led coalition in Dhamar province, a security official told Yemen Press Agency. The arrested was accused of mobilizing the militiamen to the…