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U.S.-Saudi Aggression

Saudi-backed commander injured in Taiz

TAIZ, Jan. 30 (YPA) – A military commander loyal to Saudi-led coalition was injured on Tuesday in battles with the Yemeni army in Yemen's southwest city of Taiz, a military official told Yemen Press Agency.

Cluster bomb blast injures child in Yemen’s Saada

SAADA, Jan. 30 (YPA) - A child was seriously injured on Tuesday in Yemen's northern province of Saada in an explosion of a cluster bomb, a remnant of internationally-banned weapons used by Saudi-led coalition in Yemen, a military official…

Report: 6 Yemenis killed in 31 airstrikes

SANAA, Jan. 30 (YPA) – Six Yemeni civilians were killed, including children, in Saudi-led coalition airstrikes and cluster bombs over the past 24 hours, according to official reports combined by Yemen Press Agency on Tuesday.