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U.S.-Saudi Aggression

Report: Army attacks Saudi troops over 24 hours

SANAA, Mar. 25 (YPA) – The Yemen army have launched military operations, including artillery, missiles and snipping attacks against US-backed Saudi-led coalition soldiers and militias over the past 24 hours, according to the army reports…

Yemen Army Controls Qarhi Mountain In Baydha’a

BAYDHA'A, March. 24 (YPA) - The Yemeni army fighters killed on Saturday tens of Saudi-backed militants during confrontations in Natiaa front, controlling Qarhi mountain completely, special officials told Yemen Press Agency.

Gunman killed in clashes in Hadramout

Gunman killed in clashes in Hadramout HADRAMOUT, March 24 (YPA)- A gunman was killed and others wounded in clashes between gunmen of Marib and other militants of Hadramout province. The clashes took place in a checkpoint in Hadramout.…