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7 Saudi-led airstrikes hit Jawf

JAWF, June 9 (YPA) - Seven Saudi-led airstrikes hit the province of Jawf, a security official said. Two airstrikes hit Serwah district and five others targeted Mouton district. Ahmed Al-Mutawakel

Report: Army inflicts Saudi troops heavy losses over 24 hours

  SANAA, June 8 (YPA) – The Yemen army has launched large-scale military operation , which inflicted the Saudi troops heavy losses during the past 24 hours, according to military reports combined by Yemen Press Agency on Friday.   ·       

Report: Army carries out 3 offensives in 3 fronts

SANAA, June 8 (YPA) – The Yemen army on Friday carried out three offensive operations against Saudi-backed militias in Bayda and Dhalea provinces and Nehm district, a military official told Yemen Press Agency. In Dhalea, the army waged an…

Report: Army attacks militias, destroys vehicles during 3 days

JAWF, June 8 (YPA) – Yemen army on Thursday completely controlled of Mazwea front in Mutun district on Jawf province, military officials told Yemen Press Agency on Friday. The officials said that the Mazwea controlling operation cane…