YEMEN Press Agency

UAE recruits 100 women of Yemen’s Socotra in Abu Dhabi

SANAA, March 18 (YPA) – The UAE had transferred 100 women of Yemen’s Socotra Island to Abu Dhabi for recruitment and military training, sources in the island told Yemen Press Agency on Monday.

This came as a preliminary step toward the formation of women’s force loyal to the UAE in the island, the sourced added

According to the sources, the recruited women receive training as cadets at “Khawla School” in the UAE capital Abu Dhabi and the training is supervised by Emirati officers.

Last week, the UAE transferred many students of Socotra to the city of Aden to train them militarily, in a move that many activists described as dangerous and reveals Abu Dhabi’s determination to impose full control over the island.

The UAE has not stop attempts to establish a military force loyal to it in the island of Socotra, the last of which was landing of its military forces at the airport and port of Socotra in mid-2018.