YEMEN Press Agency

Local tribes kidnap number of soldiers, including Saudis in Jawf

JAWF, March 17 (YPA)-  Armed tribes have captured a number of soldiers, amongst whom Saudi troops, in Jawf province in northern Yemen. This was reported to Yemen Press Agency by local sources on Saturday.

The sources said that the tribes had arrested a number of mercenaries as well as two Saudi soldiers while they were passing by a military vehicle, near the Jabal al-Louth in the east of the province.

The troops were reportedly stopped by tribal militants and who took them to an unknown destination.

Tribesmen are demanding that the coalition of aggression release a number of tribe members who are being detained in illegal jails after they have been forced to fight in the Saudi-led ranks.

Tribal coalitions in Yemen have increasingly been opposing the Saudi-led invasion of Yemen. Violent clashes between s  Yemeni tribes and Saudi or UAE invaders have become a common occurrence in occupied areas of  Yemen.