YEMEN Press Agency

Two Saudi soldiers killed in Najran

NAJRAN, March. 15 (YPA) –Two Saudi soldiers were shot dead on Friday by the Yemeni army in Saudi military sites of Najran border province, a military official told Yemen Press Agency.

The soldiers were targets in the sites of al-Sawh and al-Faridah.

Meanwhile, the army waged an artillery attack towards groups of the Saudi-led coalition’s militias in sites of Rashah and al-Boqa desert.

On Thursday, the army attacked and took over sites from the militias in al-Rabah area and al-Ajashar desert, killing, wounding dozens of the militias and destroying three military cars, the official added.

Since March 26, 2015, the Saudi-led coalition have intervened in Yemen’s sovereignty and internal affairs, and waged a military operating against the Yemeni army and people in flagrant violations of the international conventions.

The four-year-old coalition war on Yemen has killed over 10,000 Yemenis, mostly women and children, displaced more than 3 million, according to the United Nations.

Ali Ahsan