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Parliamentary committee’s report reveals worrying economic indicators

SANAA, March 2 (YPA) – A parliamentary report on Saturday said that economic indicators have shown alarming figures in the high rates of poverty and unemployment and the overall level of prices.

The report, prepared by the parliamentary committee charged with studying the draft spending plan for the first half of 2019, did not mention any measures or actions that the government can take to reduce the escalation of those figures and alleviate the burdens that have weighed on the Yemeni citizen.

The parliamentary committee, earlier in the day, held a meeting, during which it reviewed its report in light of the results of studying the draft spending plan for the first half of the current year.

The report indicated to the difficult economic conditions that Yemen is going through due to the continued aggression and siege since March 2015, in addition to the continuation of the economic war and the transfer of the Central Bank to Aden, as well as the control of oil and gas resources and the customs and taxes revenues collected from the provinces under the control of the aggression countries (Saudi-led coalition) and the printing of hundreds of billions of national currency in a way violating the laws and regulations governing the printing process.

According to the report, the projected income estimates in the first half of the year 2019 showed a decrease from the income estimates for the second half of the year 2018. While the estimates showed an increase in expenditures, which confirms the failure to take measures to collect the full resources of the state and protect them from tampering and the failure to implement the Parliament’s repeated recommendations on the previous expenditure plans.

In its meeting, the committee stressed that the National Salvation Government should assume its responsibilities in doing all tasks entrusted to it constitutionally and legally and harness all its capabilities to face the existing challenges and address the imbalances in the various organs and facilities of the state and work as one cell in countering the aggression, in addition to combating financial and administrative corruption, customs smuggling and tax evasion.

The committee emphasized the importance of collecting all revenues of the state resources and depositing them in full to the general government account in the Central Bank in order to be able to provide sufficient funds to meet requirements of the inevitable expenditures contained in the draft spending plan and to face the current exceptional situation experienced by the country.

The committee approved the report in its final form after making amendments to it.