YEMEN Press Agency

600,000 civilians killed, injured in Saudi-led coalition air attacks on Yemen

SANAA, March 25 (YAP) – The Ministry of Human Rights on Sunday said the continuing Saudi-led coalition air attacks on the Yemen people that killed and injured over 600,000 civilians, including more than 247,000 children since March 2015.

In a press statement of the minister obtained by Yemen Press Agency, said that a total of 2,949 children and women including to 8,979 men were injuries or maimed due to of the Saudi-led coalition’s direct airstrikes as well.

The statement also said that the Saudi military aggression indirectly caused in killing of 296,83 civilians.

More than 247,000 children were lost their lives due to severe malnutrition, and 17,608 civilians were died because of incapacity to travel abroad to seek medical cures.

1,200 people were died of kidney failure, others 2,236 of cholera diseases and a total 450 pregnant women also suffered the miscarriages.

2,361 civilians were killed and injured in by Saudi-backed militants loyal to the  resigned president, Hadi, the statement added.

Meanwhile, 19 television and radio stations were destroyed, and 28 broadcasting masts were targeted.

The Saudi-led aggression coalition bombed 600 mosques and tourist facilities, and damaged 393 archaeological positions.

The Saudi-led military operation that attacked Yemen, leaving 2,641 educational centers were destroyed , leaving 2.5 million students are able to bring to schools and universities.

660 food storages and 200 food factories of the agricultural sector were destroyed by Saudi-led airstrikes.

Moreover, the Saudi-led war hit 271 factories, killing tens of fishermen, and targeting 93 fish landing centers and demolished 4,586 fishing boats, the minister added.

Saudi-led coalition air attacks targeted nine civilian airports, 14 ports, 5,000 kilometers of roads, 95 bridges, 400 public and private telecommunications facilities, 420 power stations and transmission towers, 450 oil and gas equipment and trucks and 85 sports stadiums.

The coalition air attacks also targeted 1,016 farms and  535 central trading markets, the statement added.