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GPC confirms its rejection of any attempts to normalize with Israeli enemy

SANAA, Feb. 15 (YPA) –  The General People’s Congress (GPC) affirmed its absolute rejection of any attempts at normalization with the Israeli enemy.

In a statement, the Popular Conference said that the suspicious and shameful closeness between Saudi-backed government of the exiled Hadi and the head of the Israeli enemy government in Warsaw does not reflect the historical, strong and solid attitudes of the Yemeni people towards the Arab-Israeli conflict.

The statement pointed out that the step of exiled Hadi’s government is an unforgivable crime and calls upon the various national forces to adopt a strong and firm stance that asserts to the whole world that the so-called legitimacy does not express the Yemeni people.

The GPC considered the position of the so-called Hadi’s legitimacy government as an extension of its positions in employment and betrayal of the nation and its values ​​and principles of revolution and the struggle of its sons.

The statement stressed that the coalition’s war which the  Yemeni people are subjected is due to their solid and strong positions in the face of all the projects of surrender and subjugation that are being waged against them and against nation and making it hostage to the Zionist entity and a platform to implement its destructive projects.

The statement reiterated that the General People’s Congress and the masses of the Yemeni people stand strongly against all attempts of dependence and political manipulation and normalization with the Zionist enemy in any way, denouncing the rush of some Arab regimes that decided to follow the conspiracy schemes towards normalization.


Sameera Hassn