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Gov’t Spokesman confirms Yemen’s rejection of normalization steps being taken by Hadi’s gov’t

SANAA, Feb. 15 (YPA) – The Spokesman of National Salvation Government, Minister of Information, Deifallah Al-Shami, affirmed Yemen’s rejection of the normalization steps being taken by Saudi-backed government of the exiled Hadi with the Zionist entity.

The official spokesman said the participation of Khaled al-Yamani, foreign minister of the Hadi’s government at the Warsaw conference, alongside the prime minister of the Zionist entity, is a disgrace and reflects the level of moral fall of the mercenaries and their coalition.

He pointed out that the participation of Hadi’s government in this conference does not represent the Yemeni people who known for his supportive positions for all issues of the Arab and Islamic nation and in the forefront of the Palestinian cause.

Al-shami pointed out that this participation is a dangerous indicator of the public normalization criminal with the Zionist entity raging.

He reaffirmed the principled and firm position of the political leadership and the government of national salvation that supports the Palestinian cause and rejects any steps towards normalization by the mercenary government or other client regimes at the expense of the central nation’s cause.


Sameera Hassn