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Venezuela Launches Largest ever military exercises

SANAA, Feb. 11 (YPA) – Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Sunday launched the country’s most large-scale military drills ever under the title “200 years on Angostura 2019”.

The military exercises will last until February 15 and are set to become the most major and important drills that Caracas has held over its 200 year-old history, Maduro said, adding that the exercises would take into account the experience of previous operations and assess scenarios of potential military threats.

The Congress of Angostura was held in February 1819 at the initiative of Simon Bolivar (the national hero of Venezuela) who led the struggle against Spanish domination in Latin America.

Maduro, after his inauguration as Venezuela’s president on January 10, said he intended to work to strengthen the military strength of the Venezuelan army during his second term.


Sameera Hassn