YEMEN Press Agency

Protest rally in Qanaos condemns violations of coalition

HODEIDAH, Feb. 10 (YPA) – The sons of Al-Qanaos district in Hodeidah province on Sunday  organized a protest to denounce the violations of the coalition’s forces for a cease-fire and their lack of commitment to implement the Swedish agreement.

The participants stressed the persistence of steadfastness in confronting the coalition’s  forces and funding the fronts with money and men until victory is achieved.

The participants condemned the continuation of the coalition in committing crimes in Hodeidah, the unjust siege imposed and prevent access of food, medicine and humanitarian aid to the people of the province and other provinces.

The participants called on the United Nations, represented by its UN envoy, to do its duty to stop the violations and crimes committed against the people of the province in flagrant violation of the ceasefire.


Sameera Hassn