YEMEN Press Agency

Trump aims to export drones to its allies in Gulf


WASHINTON, Mar. 21 (YPA) – US President Donald Trump is pushing for the export of more US-made drones to dozens of US allies in the Middle East, particularly in the Gulf region, which is the biggest buyer of weapons.

It is expected  that Trump will facilitate the sale of unmanned aircraft under a long-term policy in which the conditions and procedures are relaxed.

Saudi Arabia, which is leading an coalition aggression on Yemen , will benefit from Trump facilities in the sale of US-made UAVs, as well as the UAE’s main partner in the alliance of aggression against Yemen.

Both Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are expected to use the aircraft in their war in Yemen, while human rights defenders and prosecutors warn to put restrictions on the sale of weapons that fuel more violence and instability in the region.

Sameera Hassn