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Prisoners’ hunger strike in Bir Ahmed is message aimed at fair trial for detainees or their release

ADEN, Jan. 23 (YPA) -An official in the so-called Peaceful Movement Council in southern Yemen, Salwa Ben Brik, has described what is going on inside the illegal UAE-run prison of Bir Ahmed in Aden. He described the situation as unjust and stressed that it must not be tolerated.

According to Ben Brik, the hunger strike at the Bir Ahmed Prison is a message that the prisoners are trying to bring to all, demanding the speeding up of their trial, or their release if they are not found guilty of any charges.

The human rights activist revealed her meeting with the mothers and relatives of the detainees, who assured her that they were demanding fair trials for their detained sons, and that the law should be applied whether they were found guilty or innocent.

Salwa Ben Brik called for activating the role of the judiciary, law and order in this regard, while at the same time paying attention to the work of all security and military actors in stabilizing security and eradicating terrorism

She also demanded that the fate of the missing persons should be made public, as well as the names of the prisoners who were executed, the reasons for their execution and evidence that they are subject to trials before executions were carried out.

For almost a month, prison inmates have been carrying out a hunger strike in order to demand their release or trial, asserting that they had not been charged since their arrest years ago.