YEMEN Press Agency

Coalition airstrikes cause $1.4 bln losses to private sector in capital Sanaa

SANAA, Jan. 21 (YPA) – Saudi-led coalition airstrikes have caused losses estimated at 1.4 billion US dollars to the Yemeni private sector in the capital Sanaa.

A damage assessment report issued by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the capital Sanaa revealed that the aggression coalition targeted 89 commercial and industrial establishments in the capital.

The report explained that the coalition air raids destroyed 82 enterprises belonging to businessmen and seven of businesswomen, at a financial loss of $ 1.4 billion.

It added “this is only the cost of the destruction caused to buildings and equipment, and does not include the losses resulting from activity halt over the four years of the aggression against Yemen.”

“The aggression coalition has caused the disruption of the equivalent of 73 per cent of the Yemeni private sector activity,” businessmen said.