YEMEN Press Agency

Coalition turns over prisoner exchange agreement

SANAA, Jan. 14 (YPA) – A member of the national delegation, head of the National Committee for Prisoners Affairs, Abdel-Qader al-Murtada, confirmed that the coalition overturned the prisoner exchange agreement signed at the end of last year and refused to implement the executive mechanisms of the Convention.

Al-Murtada said in statements to the media that the countries of coalition are trying to circumvent the prisoners’ agreement by delaying the handover the statements which the Joint Commission required.

He added, “The meeting of the joint committee was scheduled to be hold on next Tuesday in the Jordanian capital Amman and was postponed after the Coalition refused to implement its commitments regarding the delivery of data and statements required.”

Al-Murtada explained that the UN envoy, Martin Griffith,  and his deputy left the capital Sanaa to Riyadh, in order to meet with the leaders of the coalition and militias to put pressure on them to implement its clear commitments.

Al-Murtada stressed that the denial of coalition’s countries that there are hundreds of prisoners is not feasible and the Commission has full evidence of their presence in the prisons of Saudi regime, which held fully responsible for their lives and health.