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Artists in Tehran embody suffering of Yemeni children

TEHRAN, Jan. 12 (YPA) – A workshop entitled “Yemen and Artists Role” was held on Saturday in the Iranian capital Tehran with the participation of dozens of young artists from inside and outside Iran.

Through their artistic creations, the participants seek to convey the voice of Yemeni children to the world.

In a clay sculpture of the Yemeni girl “Buthaina”, which became the icon of the war in Yemen, young artists embodied the brutality that devours Yemeni children in order to open the world’s eye on what is happening in Yemen.

The artist, Samira Benahi explained that art is an expression of thoughts and feelings.

“What we see in Yemen must be confronted in every way and perhaps art is one of the most important of these ways,” Benhai said.

“In light of the fact that we are working in the media field, in the new media and social media, we contribute to spreading the injustice that the Yemeni people experience through our designs and ideas in a way that the Western public understands,” said Ahmed Al-Haj, a graphic designer.

Muhtashem Ali, a Pakistani designer and director, participating in the workshop as a supervisor and trainer, and he shares with other artists in criticizing the subordination of the media in Muslim countries such as Pakistan to the Western media empires with regard to the situation in Yemen.