YEMEN Press Agency

Recruits for Saudi-led coalition kidnapped by Islah party

LAHJ, Jan. 11 (YPA) – Local sources in Lahj province have reported that over 13 young people have disappeared under mysterious circumstances several days ago, after they were transported by a mediator from the Islah party in order to recruit them to fight in the ranks of Saudi-led coalition in Jawf.

According to the sources, some of the leaders of Islah party came to them to recruit their sons in a military camp belonging to the sixth military region and to be in the ranks of what they called the “National Army “.

A few days ago, the soldiers from Lahj were reported to be no longer in Jawf and their contact with their families was cut off. Their fate is as of yet unknown.

Several people have accused the leaders of the Islah party of transferring their children to Jawf province, allegedly for the purpose of recruiting them, only to kidnap the children.

The Islah party enlisted hundreds of youths from Lahj, Aden and Abyan provinces, exploiting their severe poverty and their need for money and food by sending them to the Saudi border fronts to protect Saudi Arabia.